Governor Cuomo Impeachment-SENIORGATE

Governor Cuomo Impeachment-SENIORGATE

Poughkeepsie, NY- “Over 15,000 New York seniors have died and have no voice to say why and we have to be their voice. These people did not die due to violence, or by accident, they died by a decision made by the Governor of the State of New York, Andrew Cuomo. That decision was to put COVID-19 patients into nursing home facilities throughout New York State, which led to the deaths of thousands.” said Chairman Michael McCormack. “There needs to be justice for the people who died and the families that they have left behind to grieve.” continued McCormack.

McCormack continued to say “The truth is clear and has finally come to light that the Governor’s administration was at fault here, and that they knew what happened, and tried to cover up their actions. How arrogant they must be to try and sweep away people’s lives in a blink of an eye. It is immoral and they must pay the price of their egregious actions. Every New Yorker with a conscience should join Assemblyman Kieran Lalor, and his fellow members of the Republican Assembly Caucus, in asking for the impeachment of Governor Cuomo. Assemblyman Lalor has a petition going to do just that and I ask that you sign it and be part of justice for New York.”

McCormack continued to say “it is time to stand up for justice, it is time to stand up for what is right, it is time to stand up for each other, and make sure that this horrendous actions like this NEVER happens again. Sign the petition and get involved. This is not about any political party, it is about people, and what is right and wrong. The decision the Governor’s administration made was deathly wrong.”

Here is the link to Assemblyman Lalor’s petition to sign:

2020 State of the County Address

2020 State of the County Address

The State of the County

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro will present his 2020 State of the County Address on Thursday, February 20th at 5:30 p.m. at the Culinary Institute of America.

The great poet T.S. Eliot wrote, “Home is where one starts from.” It is where all journeys begin – the foundation upon which a life is built, a safe place to rest, rejuvenate, and find the strength to carry on. A true home is where love resides and dreams are born. It is where we feel most free, where we are our truest selves, where it’s safe to disagree and argue, but also to compromise and heal. The power of home is not mystical or magical; it is a simple and essential feeling of stability and safety.

We grow and prosper when we have a home. We flourish when our basic needs are met. We climb when we have a foothold. We love, we cherish, and we grow when we are secure.

The challenge is to make our community a home for everyone, to ensure those in need have both a safety net and a ladder, to provide our residents with the opportunities to succeed and skills to flourish, to create a sense of belonging and stability, and to foster hope. A strong community, a resilient and open community, is the fertile ground where not just houses are constructed, but where homes are built.

Home is where we begin. So, let us begin…

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POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – With the backing of both the Dutchess and Putnam County Committees at today’s GOP Convention in Poughkeepsie, NYS Senator Sue Serino announced that she has been designated as the 2020 Republican candidate for the 41st District.

Senator Sue Serino said, “Serving the residents of the 41st Senate District has been the honor of my lifetime and I am grateful for the voters who have put their trust in me to be their voice. Albany lives in a bubble—out of touch politicians are working overtime to nickel and dime hard-working taxpayers, put criminals ahead of law-abiding citizens, and push through extreme policies that have real impacts on the lives of Hudson Valley residents. Since day one, my goal has always been to put the residents of the 41st Senate District first, and together, we can continue to move our community forward.”

Dutchess County Republican Committee Chairman Michael McCormack said, “Senator Serino has been a voice of reason in the NYS Senate for the people of her district. Having Sue as our Senator in Dutchess County provides the confidence that our residents are truly represented with practical solutions to the complex issues we face as NYS residents. It is without a doubt that Sue is the right person for the job as our voice in Albany. We look forward to having her in Albany again doing the work of the people so very well.”

 Putnam County Republican Committee Chairman Anthony Scannapieco said, “Senator Sue Serino has always been the strong, independent leader we need fighting for us and I am proud to stand in support of her candidacy for re-election. Sue has the heart—and the fight—we need to pushback against the extreme policies coming out of Albany every day.”

Staff Sergeant Jennifer Dillon, Town of Poughkeepsie Committee Member and veteran nominated Senator Sue Serino at the Convention, and said, “Senator Serino is a long-time champion for causes that matter most to Hudson Valley residents. Sue knows that every dollar matters to our families and fights tirelessly to oppose tax increases by out-of-touch politicians. She has made our heroes a top priority, leading the fight to successfully secure resources that our veterans need to thrive, and she’s put an unprecedented spotlight on Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses endemic to our area. Sue has brought about such positive change in the past five years and we need to keep that forward momentum going!”

 Stephen Reverri, First Vice Chair of the Dutchess County GOP, seconded the nomination of Senator Serino and said, “Sue is exactly who we need to keep in Albany. Honest, hard working, accessible, and clear-minded. Sue continuously shows through her actions, she is there for all the right reasons, to represent us.”

 Kevin McConville, Executive Assistant to Putnam County Republican Committee Chairman Anthony Scannapieco, also seconded the nomination of Senator Serino, and said, “On behalf of the people of Putnam County, and our Republican Chairman Anthony Scannapieco, it is a privilege and an honor to nominate Senator Sue Serino for re-election to the 41st Senate District. Senator Serino’s leadership and service to others serve as an inspiration to all, especially young girls and boys in the Hudson Valley.  Her commitment to represent seniors, veterans and all of us is exemplary.”


CBS6: Vet2Vet program fights for funding to ensure essential resources to local veterans

CBS6: Vet2Vet program fights for funding to ensure essential resources to local veterans

ALBANY, NY (WRGB) –Senator Sue Serino is leading the fight to fund a program that ensures local veterans have access to the resources they need to thrive in their community.

With funding for the Joseph P. Dwyer Veterans Peer-to-Peer Support Program (Vet2Vet) once again left out of the Governor’s Executive Budget Proposal, Senator Serino stood with veterans and a bi-partisan group of lawmakers to call on legislative leaders to fully fund the program in this year’s state budget.

“Vet2Vet saves lives,” said Senator Sue Serino. “That’s reason enough to ensure that it is funded by the state consistently.”

The Dwyer Program—named for an Iraq War Veteran who lost his life as a result of his struggle with PTSD— was initially launched in only four counties throughout the state in 2012…

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Chairman Mike McCormack Calls on Democratic Chairwoman Sumner to condemn rants from Poughkeepsie Mayor candidate Joash Ward

Poughkeepsie, November 8… Today the Chairman of the Dutchess County Republican Party has called on the Dutchess County Democratic Chair to condemn the divisive, angry, expletive-laced tirade issued by Joash Ward, her failed candidate for Poughkeepsie Mayor.

In a rant posted on Facebook days after the voters of Poughkeepsie rejected Mr. Ward’s flawed campaign and re-elected Rob Rolison to be their Mayor, Ward unloaded on Facebook:

“F*** the Republicans, F*** the Mayor, F*** the Police, F*** Every Member of the School Board, F*** the Gentrifier, F*** the Jail, F*** the Racist, F*** the White Supremacist, F*** the Bigot, F*** the narrow Minded Bonehead, F*** the Traitor, F*** the Uncle Tom.”

The obscene rant by her endorsed candidate for Mayor comes just weeks after Chairwoman Sumner refused to denounce confessed domestic abuser Giancarlo Llevarias, who posted vulgar comments on Facebook demeaning women and joking about rape, and who confessed in a recent video to battering women, casually discussing how he “smacked” a girlfriend “across the face.”

“Today I am calling on Chairwoman Sumner to condemn Joash Ward’s offensive rant and apologize to the people of Poughkeepsie for fielding an unhinged candidate for Mayor in the first place,” stated Chairman Mike McCormack. “If losing an election prompted such a crazed and inappropriate response from Mr. Ward, imagine what he would have done if he was actually elected Mayor. At some point you have to start questioning the judgment of Chairwoman Sumner and her Democratic colleagues. They offer the people of Dutchess individuals who are clearly not model citizens and hold them out to be fit for public service. Chairwoman Sumner and her Democratic colleagues are the first to pretend to care about civil discourse at the national level, but they run a dirty game here at home.”

McCormack continued, “As candidates, it is an honor to be chosen by your party to represent party ideals and work for the people. Joash Ward’s unhinged remarks cannot go unnoticed. Mr. Ward says he forgives the people? He should apologize to the public servants he just defamed with such disgusting language. When will the divisiveness stop? When will the Democrats’ game of pitting people against each other because of their skin tone stop? Our Founding Fathers gave Mr. Ward the right to free speech but unfortunately he uses it to pit people against each other, including those who put their lives on the line every day for our safety. This was not their intention.”


Statement from Dutchess County GOP Chairman Mike McCormack

November 7, 2019
“Tonight the voters of Dutchess County have spoken. The leadership of Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, Sheriff Butch Anderson, County Clerk Brad Kendall, District Attorney Bill Grady and our County Legislators has our County moving in the right direction. Tonight, I want to congratulate all our Republican County Legislators and legislative candidates who have declared victory including a special shout-out to Lisa Paoloni (REP, CON, IND), who defeated a Democratic incumbent and will represent District 14 next year.

A special thank you from our County party also to State GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy for supporting us in our election efforts.

I look forward to working with all of these wonderful public servants to continue making this County the best it can be.”


Audio: Legislator Giancarlo Llaverias For the Second Time Admits to Beating Women

Llaverias’ ‘scripted comments’ defense proves to be a lie

Poughkeepsie, October 24… In the wake of new evidence of domestic abuse against County Legislator Giancarlo Llaverias, the Dutchess County Republican Committee called on all public officials and candidates for public office who have not yet called on Llaverias to resign to do so immediately.  This is not a political issue. This is a matter of right and wrong, and this is a time of reckoning for those who want to lead this County.

Once again, there is evidence of Legislator Giancarlo Llaverias (D-Town of Poughkeepsie) admitting to being an “abuser” who became “violent” in his romantic relationships. This is the second time this month that Llaverias was caught flippantly speaking about his history as a domestic abuser. Why does Dutchess County Democratic Chairwoman Sumner stubbornly continue to protect a man who admittedly batters women? Why does she refuse to call out such abhorrent and deviant behavior? Does the safety of women take a back seat to politics? Legislator Black and Legislator Munn have courageously and rightfully called for Llaverias’ resignation. They are doing the right thing, not the political thing. Why can’t Chairwoman Sumner muster the courage to do the same?

In a newly discovered podcast entitled ‘Toxic Relationships,’ published on April 14, 2019, Llaverias discusses his previous relationships in which he abused women. He even went as far to admit that he believed “I was never the issue,” which puts into bizzare context the nonchalant manner in which he referred to beating his former girlfriends. When speaking on the podcast, Llaverias clearly confirms that he himself brutalized women, referring to abusive actions in the first person “I” as well as in the third person “Giancarlo.” He previously claimed that he has never abused anyone and that he was reading a “script” provided to him by somebody else, while declining to produce said script citing “confidentiality.” These latest recordings prove what any rational person already knew: Giancarlo Llaverias is a liar. Those who continue to defend this violent, lying, poor excuse for a man should be ashamed.




October 11, 2019
“On the third day since leadership from his own party called for him to resign, Giancarlo Llaverias still refuses to do so.

First he demeans and degrades women.

Then he says he’s physically abused them.

Then he lies about it.

Now he’s covering it up.

The Facebook page with his disgusting comments has been removed. And the YouTube video where he “pretends” to defend child molester R. Kelly and casually chats about smacking women in the face is no longer online.

This is a coverup Richard Nixon would be proud of.

But Llaverias can’t cover up who he really is. He’s a sexist who joked about rape. He’s an admitted domestic abuser. He’s a liar. And he’s a coverup artist. We also know what he’s not. He’s not a role model for young people. He’s not much of a man. He’s not a leader. And he’s not fit to serve one more day as a county legislator.”




Former Dutchess Legislative Chairman and Dutchess Comptroller Vote to Support Hikes

Poughkeepsie, September 27… As reported in the Daily Freeman and Poughkeepsie Journal, the New York State Bridge Authority, until recently under Joe Ruggiero’s charge, intends to issue another round of toll hikes. Former Dutchess Legislative Chairman Roger Higgins and former Dutchess County Comptroller Diane Jablonski, Democrat Appointees to the Bridge Authority Board of Commissioners, voted to support the toll hikes. A new round of toll hikes was proposed by the Bridge Authority at its September 19 meeting.

“Dutchess residents deserve better representation from their Board members instead of rubber stamps,” said Dutchess County Republican Chairman Mike McCormack. “This is the same group of Democrats who raised taxes on Dutchess residents back in 2007-2009. What is really sad is that Dutchess County Democrat Legislative candidates remain silent and refuse to stand up for their constituents.”

Roger Higgins was elected vice chairman of the Bridge Authority in 2016. Prior to his appointment to the Authority, Higgins served as chairman of the Dutchess County Legislature after Democrats took control of the body in 2008. As chairman, Higgins pushed through a tax increase as well as a pay raise for elected officials. Diane Jablonski was appointed as a commissioner to the Bridge Authority by Governor Cuomo in 2016. She is a former Dutchess county comptroller and candidate for county executive who was defeated in 2015.

On a late Friday afternoon “news dump,” the Daily Freeman reported that the Bridge Authority Board tried to “sneak” through a toll hike which was quietly announced by Joe Ruggiero in 2016, as reported in the Times Herald-Record. From 2007 to 2009, Dutchess County Democrats controlled the Legislature and were run out of office in 2009 for raising property taxes by double digits and increasing spending.

“Dutchess Democrat candidates want us to forget that former Legislative Chairman Roger Higgins was at the helm when they raised taxes but he is at it again by raising tolls. They may have amnesia but Dutchess taxpayers are smarter than that,” said McCormack. “Dutchess Republicans for 10 years have controlled spending, cut taxes and presided over one of the most efficient county governments in generations. On Election Day, Dutchess voters will have their voices heard by re-electing Republicans to the county legislative majority.”