Chairman Mike McCormack Calls on Democratic Chairwoman Sumner to condemn rants from Poughkeepsie Mayor candidate Joash Ward

Poughkeepsie, November 8… Today the Chairman of the Dutchess County Republican Party has called on the Dutchess County Democratic Chair to condemn the divisive, angry, expletive-laced tirade issued by Joash Ward, her failed candidate for Poughkeepsie Mayor.

In a rant posted on Facebook days after the voters of Poughkeepsie rejected Mr. Ward’s flawed campaign and re-elected Rob Rolison to be their Mayor, Ward unloaded on Facebook:

“F*** the Republicans, F*** the Mayor, F*** the Police, F*** Every Member of the School Board, F*** the Gentrifier, F*** the Jail, F*** the Racist, F*** the White Supremacist, F*** the Bigot, F*** the narrow Minded Bonehead, F*** the Traitor, F*** the Uncle Tom.”

The obscene rant by her endorsed candidate for Mayor comes just weeks after Chairwoman Sumner refused to denounce confessed domestic abuser Giancarlo Llevarias, who posted vulgar comments on Facebook demeaning women and joking about rape, and who confessed in a recent video to battering women, casually discussing how he “smacked” a girlfriend “across the face.”

“Today I am calling on Chairwoman Sumner to condemn Joash Ward’s offensive rant and apologize to the people of Poughkeepsie for fielding an unhinged candidate for Mayor in the first place,” stated Chairman Mike McCormack. “If losing an election prompted such a crazed and inappropriate response from Mr. Ward, imagine what he would have done if he was actually elected Mayor. At some point you have to start questioning the judgment of Chairwoman Sumner and her Democratic colleagues. They offer the people of Dutchess individuals who are clearly not model citizens and hold them out to be fit for public service. Chairwoman Sumner and her Democratic colleagues are the first to pretend to care about civil discourse at the national level, but they run a dirty game here at home.”

McCormack continued, “As candidates, it is an honor to be chosen by your party to represent party ideals and work for the people. Joash Ward’s unhinged remarks cannot go unnoticed. Mr. Ward says he forgives the people? He should apologize to the public servants he just defamed with such disgusting language. When will the divisiveness stop? When will the Democrats’ game of pitting people against each other because of their skin tone stop? Our Founding Fathers gave Mr. Ward the right to free speech but unfortunately he uses it to pit people against each other, including those who put their lives on the line every day for our safety. This was not their intention.”


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