Statement from NYGOP Chair Ed Cox

ALBANY – NYGOP Chair Ed Cox today released the following statement:

“Exactly fifty years after the start of the Yom Kippur War, Israel’s existence is again threatened by a surprise attack of forces determined to destroy it.

“In 1973, with Israel on the ropes, President Richard Nixon ordered the Pentagon to ‘send everything that can fly’ to give Israel the means to defeat the invaders and secure its existence. The result: the end of armed incursions into Israel by its Arab neighbors and a halting but ongoing peace process leading to the Abraham Accords.

“Since Israel’s victory in that war, none of its neighbors has dared to launch an invasion against it — until now.

“As the number of civilians butchered by cowardly Hamas terrorists grows, the purpose of this attack, funded and directed by Iran, is clear — to interrupt the current peace process among Israel and its Arab neighbors and to provoke an all-out war to destroy Israel.

“Iran and Hamas leaders govern by and for terror and know that peace — their real enemy — will end their reigns by terror.

“For the sake of peace, Israel has no choice but with the courage, skill and blood of its defense forces to put a swift end to Hamas’ reign by terror and thereby Iranian efforts to terminate the peace process.

“In the difficult days ahead, Israel deserves the fullest backing of the United States and all peace-loving countries. Peace through Israeli and allied strength worked in those momentous days fifty years ago; it will work again today.”


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